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Cloudswood offers a free no obligation 30 minute consultation to discuss our clients needs with them and to suggest the best path to meet their business goals. Whether that be with Cloudswood or somewhere else!

Cloudswood also works with our suppliers to ensure that they get the lowest possible prices and continusly reinvest any profits straight back into our company to improve our customers experience.

Recent Projects ...

Slow All-in-One

Client’s all-in-one computer was taking 10 minutes to start up and login. We diagnosed this down to an old hard drive which had become faulty over time. We replaced this with a 500GB Western Digital Blue SSD which improved the performance to an astonishing 8 second start up and login time.

NZXT Rebuild

Another client approached Cloudswood requesting that their gaming system be upgraded from an i7 6th Gen CPU to a i9 10th Gen CPU and replace their existing LGA1155 motherboard with a socket LGA1200 motherboard. We began by disassembling the existing computer down to the bare metal and carefully removed and cleaned the AiO watercooler. We […]

Lenovo Virus

Lenovo Laptop

A new customer contacted us advising that their laptop’s writiing had turned to symbols and was not responding correctly. We visited the customers site , began our inspection and quickly diagnosed this down to multiple virus’s on the clients laptop. We safely removed the virus and reinstalled windows just to be sure. We advised our […]

Synology NAS Setup

Another happy client , Cloudswood have just finished installing and configuring a home two bay NAS for our clients requirements which include fault tolerance to prevent data loss while also being able to use versioning to roll back file changes while maintaining the system’s cost effectiveness. Configured in RAID 1 with a fault tolerance of […]

Claire Inness Portfolio

Cloudswood is pleased to have completed a new portfolio website for Claire. This website has been designed and optimised for both mobile devices and computers. To view the website or find out more about Claire’s occupational therapy for children & young people please click here!


OJ Painting & Decorating

Cloudswood has recently completed works on designing and implementing a new company website for OJ Painting & Decorating. This design has been designed to work on both mobile and desktop devices which included our premium Divi subscription which is used to create professional and beautiful designs. To view the live website or to find out […]

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*Prices are based on the first year setup and renewals will cost more. Cloudswood works with our suppliers to keep prices as low as possible! If in doubt or unsure contact us today!

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